We’re doing a Shoebox appeal!

We’re doing a Shoebox appeal...

This will be the first properly co-ordinated initiative by the ‘I have enough’ charity and we’re hoping to be able to collect as many Christmas Shoe boxes filled with essentials and goodies as feasibly possible.  P

At this stage, I have no idea of what to expect in regards to numbers of participants or amount of boxes, however I do know that the more we can collect, the more people we can help over the Christmas period.  Having not done anything like this before, I guess we’re just going to do our best and see what we can muster from our friends and family.   (and anyone reading this blog perhaps?!)

We’ve taken guidelines from a number of previous shoebox appeals up and down the country and come up with a provisional list of items (Core and Special) that we’re going to run with.   

We’ve spoken with the  amazing guys at the ‘One Big Family’ charity who operate their own shoebox scheme and have agreed to send our boxes through them, where required, for distribution.  One Big Family have a great framework already in place in order to be able to distribute shoe boxes successfully throughout Kent, which is awesome.  

Let’s do this! 

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