And…. We’re off!

We have our first box. ūüôā Yay!

I've spoken to a number of people over the past week or so who have confirmed they are creating boxes for our appeal and have been picking up items or collecting empty shoeboxes to fill, whish is awesome, BUT - I am now physically in receipt of our first box for this years Christmas Shoebox appeal and I am over the moon; We're off the mark!  Although this made me so happy, reality also kicked in and quickly changed the mood.

I came home to find the box had been dropped off at my house and at the risk of being too honest, I read the hand written label on the box and just immediately cried.  The absolutely sincere sentiment that the label beautifully but so sadly captured in just a couple of touching sentences really grabbed a hold of my heart and reminded me why we are doing this appeal in the first place.  It reminded me that it's so easy to refer to the 'homeless' like a faceless distant population of strangers and to essentially forget that we are actually talking about real people, with real feelings, real emotions, real wants and real needs.  The same as any of us.

I think it helps to perhaps imagine a family member perhaps our mother or our father, or our child being homeless.  Being homeless and cold and hungry and facing a struggle everyday to attain basic human requirements that we should all be able to take for granted, such as warmth, food and companionship.   It's unthinkable, yet, it is very much a reality for someone's mother, someone's Father and someone's' child.  This hurts my heart.

But.... I am so so happy that we have that first box. (Thank you Rose) This means we can help a homeless person this Christmas and we'll continue to push forwards and collect as many boxes as we possibly can so we can provide as much help as we can.

If you're undecided about donating a box this year, please do let a little Christmas spirit into your heart and get involved.  Remember, it could be any of us.

Thank you.


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