It's a Wrap!  #Shoeboxappeal2018 Update

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped us this year with our first Christmas Shoe box appeal for the homeless.  We have been utterly overwhelmed and completely touched at the kindness and effort that so many of you have shown this Christmas.  From those arranging collections, to those manning drop off points, to shoe box packers and donators and anonymous gift posters, everyone has been so amazing and we really are grateful, from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who contributed in any capacity.

A few weeks before Christmas, we had the idea to donate a shoebox or 2 to the Amazing Kent based Charity 'One Big Family'.  We then decided to ask a couple of friends if they wanted to help out.  This then became a few more friends, and then a few more.  A website (This one!) was set up and then a few more friends, then a few more strangers contributed.  Before we knew it boxes were flying in from amazing people all around Kent and even further afield.

We are thrilled to say that our total number of boxes raised in just 4 weeks is.... (Drum roll please)......

198 Boxes!

These boxes were delivered to the homeless refuge based in the Emmaus church, Chatham on Saturday 22nd December.  They have all subsequently been distributed via Soup Kitchens, refuges, hostels, out reaches etc by the wonderful people at One Big Family and every single box has helped to make a little difference in someone's life this Christmas.  Thank you again to you all for such generosity, it has been so inspiring.  We will continue to run initiatives into 2019 and will update the webpage with our plans asap.

We hope you all had a warm and peaceful Christmas surrounded by loved ones and we thank you for you help.  Here's wishing you all a fantastic 2019 filled with love and happiness.  Bless you all x


It's Christmas Time

Christmas should be a wonderful time of celebration.  A time of sharing happiness, warmth and laughter with loved ones in a safe and joyous environment.

Perhaps a time of reflection?  Reflection on the past year, on our own lives and our loved ones.  A time to think about bright and exciting new beginnings that the coming year may bring.

Perhaps a time of appreciation.  Appreciation, again of our loved ones and our pretty decent lives that for the other 364 days of the year, we may actually take a little too much for granted.

There's no need to be afraid?

Unfortunately for some, Christmas is none of these things.  It isn't anything.

It's just another day.  Another Struggle.  Another time to be cold, hungry and alone.

Think of your fellow man.  Lend him a helping hand.

This year, 'I have enough' are hoping to bring a smile of joy to the homeless of Kent by collecting desperately needed items, wrapped up in a Christmas shoe box with a little festive love and humanity thrown in.

If you would like to help us spread a little happiness this Christmas, we would be forever grateful and would like you to know what an enormous difference your generous gesture will make to someone this Christmas.  Someone who is alone and homeless all year round.

put a little love in your heart (and your shoebox)

Our target this Christmas is to be able to collect 100 filled shoe boxes for our homeless brothers and sisters, which will all be donated by you – the kind and generous people who care enough to help us make a difference.

If you're up for getting involved, thank you so much, we are so appreciative.

We’re hoping this is a quick and easy way for you to help someone this Christmas.


Donating is easy!


Wrap a shoebox in Christmas paper and please wrap the box and lid separately.


Important! Please write out a Christmas card with a kind message of love, encouragement or motivation to help bring a smile to someone in need of comfort


Fill your shoebox with gifts and essentials that will being a smile to someone in need this Christmas


Drop your lovely box off at one of the handy drop off points in Kent which can be seen below


Please mark your lovely shoebox with either 'Male' or Female' so we know who to give your gift to


Please get busy on the socials! Share images and posts on Instagram and FB.  The more people that know about the appeal, the more we can help!  Please tag @Ihaveenoughuk#ihaveenough and #shoeboxappeal2108

Core items

(As many of these sorts of items as possible!)

> Wet Wipes

> Toothbrush

> Toothpaste

> Mirror

> Small tin/container

> Puzzle book

> Pen

> Snacks (see below guidelines)

> Socks

> Hand warmers

> Deodorant

> Soap

> Disposable razors

> Make up (women)

> Hairbrush/comb


Special ITEMS

(At least 2 of these, but the more the merrier!)

> Gloves

> Scarf

> Hat

> Torch

> Rucksack/bag

> Underwear

As mentioned above, we think an extra special item is a Christmas card hand written by you, with some kind words of encouragement, love or motivation that may help bring a smile to someone who doesn't have much to smile about all year round.

Drop off points

Drop off deadline 18th December 2018!


48 Church Street



ME14 1EL

Please drop off Monday to Saturday between 10.00 and 16.00


Medway Campus

Pembroke Building

Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime

Kent, ME4 4TB

Please arrange a convenient drop off time - E:  T: 01634 883046.

University of Greenwich, a charity and company limited by guarantee, reg no. 986729.

East Malling

25 Rocks Close

East Malling


ME19 6AE

A few important guidelines, if you please...

> Please feel free to include appropriate snacks such as chocolate and sweets.  Please do not include anything that may spoil.

> Please do not include anything that includes alcohol such as hand sanitiser… or alcohol!

> Please do not include any dangerous items such as knives or razors (disposable razors are acceptable) or medicines.

> If you’re having difficulty dropping off,  please do contact us via Instagram @Ihaveenough or E-mail us.  Where possible, we will collect boxes, time permitting.

The more the merrier

I have enough are proud to be partnering with the fantastic homeless charity 'One Big Family' for our Christmas Shoebox appeal 2018.  Without the tireless effort of One Big Family and their distribution channels and constant dedication, none of this would be possible.  Thank you so much.  It's an honour to work with you.

I have enough are also proud to be partnering with University of Greenwich  #medwaycampus who are kindly allowing their Chatham campus to be used as a drop off centre for Shoe boxes.  Without the assistance and co-operation of the campus we wouldn't have a Medway presence and for this we are eternally grateful.  Thank you so much.


Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  With your help we can make a difference to the lives of real local people who are just like you and I but may need an extra helping hand to get back on track.

We look forward to seeing you get involved and we wish you the most magical and warm festive season filled with love, happiness and peace.  Something that all of us should be able to take for granted.   Bless you all.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.  #shoeboxappeal2018 #Ihaveenough

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